-rsn[N] set (RSN) | list | del (N)
-rsn2 set <RSN> | -set list | -rsn del 2
[N] uses the Nth stored RSN.
-stats[N] [-([ser])] [-([iuhdlt1]|sk|fs)] [RSN] [<>=]
Check the stats of a given RSN. -s sorts the skills by experience to level while -e and -r display experience and rank, respectively. Using any [!=<>] to filter the results. [iuhdlt1]|sk|fs indicates "ironman", "ultimate ironman", "hardcore ironman", "deadman mode", "leagues", "tournament", "1 def skiller", "skiller", or "fresh start worlds". [N] uses the Nth stored RSN.
-(skill) [#goal] [@paramter] [^input XP] [RSN]
Calculate the parameters required to reach the next level or goal for a specified skill. Input XP must be written as an integer, no commas or shorthand.
-params (skill) (item/monster/etc)
Check the experience gained for a given parameter.
-plant (plant)
Find the specifications of a plant.
-ftimer (start | stop | status) (plant)
Start or stop a reminder to check on a given plant, or check the status of an existing timer. Note: As of now you cannot change your nick or you will not receive the alert.
-fairy (code | location)
Look up the code or location of a fairy ring to find the inverse.
-boost (skill)
Query what items & etc. are used to boost a specific skill.
-patch (farming patch type)
Find the locations of a given farming patch type (allotment, herbs, etc.).
-ge (item)
Find the price of an item from the Grand Exchange. Note: Regex is supported. Max return is 7 items.
-price (item)
Similar to the -ge command but pulling items from the OSBuddy database. This command also supports Regex.
-cmb [#goal] [RSN]
Calculate the combat and levels required to reach the next level or goal.
-lvl [start-](goal)
Convert a specific XP into a level. Only numbers are supported at this time - no shorthand.
-xp [start-](goal)
Convert a level into experience.
-wiki (query)
Find the Old School RS Wikia link for a given query.
-calc (function)
Calculate a mathematical equation. Supports: pi|e|abs|sqrt|exp|ln|sin|cos|tan|asin|acos|atan|atan2|sinh|cosh|tanh|asinh|acosh|atanh|floor|ceil|round|[-+%/*^\d\s()><=,.kmb]